March 27

How Do Air Purifiers Improve Health?

Air purifiers make a significant contribution to the improvement of indoor air quality. They achieve this by purifying the air from dirt-related contaminators, allergens, and… View Article Read More

February 1

Advantages of Ductless Mini-Split Systems in Sonora, CA

We’re excited to dive into the world of home comfort with you. Today, let’s chat about the fantastic benefits of ductless mini-split systems and why… View Article Read More

Is It Normal to Smell Gas Near a Furnace?
January 29

Is It Normal to Smell Gas Near a Furnace?

Natural gas is highly flammable and dangerous when you inhale. That means you should take necessary precautions when you smell gas from your furnace. It’s… View Article Read More

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January 8

How to Properly Size a Heat Pump for Your Space

A heat pump is an essential appliance in homes and commercial spaces. It is responsible for keeping the indoor temperature at a comfortable level. However,… View Article Read More

Does Cold Weather Affect Air Quality?
January 5

Does Cold Weather Affect Air Quality?

The colder it is outside, the harder the heater has to work to keep your home warm and cozy. All of this extra strain reduces… View Article Read More

What is the most common problem with furnaces?
December 27

What is the Most Common Problem with Furnaces?

During the colder months of the year in Sonora, furnaces are the unsung heroes of our houses. However, they aren’t immune to malfunctions due to… View Article Read More

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October 5

Common Furnace Blower Problems

Your furnace warms your air. Your furnace blower distributes that warm air throughout your home. Without the blower, your rooms will quickly develop a chill…. View Article Read More

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September 5

What is a Humidifier Good For?

Warm air holds more moisture than cold air, which is why conditions are dryer in the winter. Some climates are drier than others as well…. View Article Read More

AC Installation in Sonora, CA
August 21

DIY AC Installation: What You Need to Know

About nine out of 10 households in the United States have an air conditioning unit. You may see installing the AC yourself as a way… View Article Read More

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August 5

Common Risks of DIY AC Installation

Attempting DIY AC installation might seem like it can save you a lot of money. However, the risks are not worth it. Attempting to install… View Article Read More