Stay comfortable in Murphys, CA with a complete mini-split AC system installed by the team at Gatewood Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc.. Homeowners want a way to combat high summer temperatures without losing control over their home improvement budget. Ductless mini-split units are an ideal solution for specific rooms and whole floor plans. Mini-splits are ductless temperature units that are simple to install and don’t require extra space. No ducts mean big upfront savings for you and years of duct-free results. Let us know if you would like more installation information or would like help maintaining an existing unit.

Whether you want to keep a single room cooler or build a setup that cools multiple rooms, we can help. Ductless units offer versatility and flexibility for a homeowner. They can be mounted on a wall or ceiling and can also be suspended from a ceiling. Mini-splits typically have a slim profile that easily blends into any design scheme.