Heating Repair in Sonora, CA
December 20

Understanding Why Your Furnace Is Blowing Cold Air

You’re indoors, and it’s freezing. So, you turn on your furnace expecting it to blow hot air and warm your home. Instead, you receive a… View Article Read More

Furnace in Sonora, CA
November 19

Viable Heating Options for Your Basement

No one wants to spend time in a cold and damp basement. Fortunately, there are many different heating system options that homeowners have to choose… View Article Read More

Thermostatic Expansion Valve in Sonora, CA
October 20

Why Is a Thermostatic Expansion Valve Important?

A thermostatic expansion valve, also known as a TXV, plays a vital role in regulating the amount of refrigerant that flows through your air conditioning… View Article Read More

HVAC Warranty in Sonora, CA
September 20

4 Mistakes That Could Void Your HVAC Warranty

Your HVAC warranty is designed to keep you safe in the event that something goes awry and that a repair or replacement is needed. Most… View Article Read More

Checking the Efficiency of Your Air Conditioner
August 16

Checking the Efficiency of Your Air Conditioner

Updated August 9, 2023 If you’re concerned about the efficiency of your air conditioner, there’s an easy way to test it on your own. An… View Article Read More

AC unit in Sonora, CA
July 26

Making the Most of Your Air Conditioning

Updated August 9, 2023 With climate changes in Sonora, CA, living without an air conditioner is close to impossible. To make the most out of… View Article Read More

AC Summer Preparation in Sonora, CA
June 6

How To Prepare Air Conditioner for the Summer

Making the effort to prepare your AC before summertime can pay off in the form of low energy bills and uninterrupted AC usage. You don’t… View Article Read More

Energy Consumption in Sonora, California
May 5

How Many Watts Does an Air Conditioner Use?

Summers in Sonora, CA, are long and hot. You’ll need an effective air conditioning system to keep your home comfortable. The hot weather means your… View Article Read More

air conditioner
April 5

Who Invented Air Conditioning?

The invention of air conditioning came about in 1902. Engineer Willis Carrier realized while standing in fog that the air could be dried by passing… View Article Read More