The invention of air conditioning came about in 1902. Engineer Willis Carrier realized while standing in fog that the air could be dried by passing it through water. He envisioned a device that could manufacture air with specific humidity levels. It took him a year to fully develop this idea.

Willis Carrier

Willis Carrier was born on Nov. 26, 1876, in Angola, New York. He graduated from Cornell University in 1901 and found a job at Buffalo Forge Company. After creating the world’s first air conditioner, he founded Carrier Engineering Corporation in 1915. He died on Oct. 7, 1950, in New York.

In 1998, Time magazine named Willis Carrier one of the “100 Most Influential People of the 20th Century.” This was because he solved the long-lasting challenge of controlling indoor environments. Many industries couldn’t exist without air conditioning, such as manufacturing baked goods and movie theaters in the summer.

Carrier’s Vision

Carrier is still one of the world’s leading air conditioning companies. Its engineers have created highly energy-efficient air conditioning products and new manufacturing techniques. Its products are used all over the world in residences, office towers, manufacturing facilities, and more.

Most people in the 1930s first encountered Carrier’s products in movie theaters. Even though it was the Great Depression, movie theaters were willing to spend up to $50,000 for air conditioning. Movie theaters with air conditioning thrived since people were happy to go to them so that they could enjoy cold air in the summer.

Modern Day

About 90% of homes in the United States today have air conditioning. It’s estimated that 3 billion people have access to it around the world. People are more productive in part because they have comfortable environments to work and live in.

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