Your furnace warms your air. Your furnace blower distributes that warm air throughout your home. Without the blower, your rooms will quickly develop a chill. If your blower stops working, you may be anxious to learn why as fast as possible. Your furnace repair technician might pinpoint one of the following issues as the cause of your troubles.

Dust Buildup

A dirty blower can’t operate properly. Perhaps the blower’s individual parts are all still in good shape. However, they aren’t working because too much dust and debris has built up on them. Without a good cleaning, you’ll continue to have blower problems. If your furnace runs for an hour or two and then stops, dust blockages could be the culprit.

Ground-Down Gears

Your blower contains gears and bearings. Ideally, you’ll schedule annual maintenance appointments, during which a technician will lubricate the bearings. If that care goes neglected, the bearings may wear away at the gears. The blower motor will stop working as it should.

Problematic Capacitor

The furnace’s capacitor makes sure that the motor receives the right amount of power. If your capacitor goes bad, then your blower won’t get the power input it needs for operation. A buzzing sound can be a clear indication that it’s time for your HVAC technician to replace the capacitor.

Damaged Belt

The blower motor relies on a belt, which is sometimes called the drive belt. Over time, belts can develop wear. Cracks may appear in the material. Putting in a new drive belt may allow your blower to start working again.

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