Smart thermostats have gained popularity recently. Is it a good idea for you to get one for your place?


The biggest benefit to having a smart thermostat is its convenience. Wherever you may be, you’ll be able to adjust the settings with an app on a mobile device. You can program the system to increase or decrease the temperature at certain times. This allows you to reduce your heating or AC usage when you’re away from home or are sleeping. This can reduce your utility bills and lead to significant savings over time.

If you’ve forgotten to adjust the settings before you leave for a trip, it’s easy to do that from the road. Raise or lower the temperature, depending on the time of year, so that you won’t be cooling or heating a home that you’re not using for the time being.

A smart thermostat can learn your behaviors and make adjustments proactively. Plus, it can alert you when it may be time to change your filter or get a tune-up, which can help with efficiency.


Smart thermostats are more expensive than programmable ones and much more expensive than regular ones. You might not need one if your routine is predictable; in this case, a programmable thermostat could be perfect. If you’re home a lot, a regular thermostat could be sufficient.

Since they require Wi-Fi and smartphones or tablets, smart thermostats aren’t ideal for everyone, especially those who are unfamiliar with high-tech equipment. In addition, they need to be installed using common wires, or C-wires, which not everyone will have. There is a way to work around this, but it adds an extra step.

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