Not every new home has a heater or air conditioner that works in the best condition. Professional assessments are needed to evaluate your HVAC system’s energy efficiency. Perform an accurate assessment yourself using a simple checklist before you contact a professional. It’s important to pinpoint the areas of your home where energy is being wasted and needs to be conserved. Here are a few ways that you can assess the heating and cooling of your new home.

Perform a DIY Assessment

Perform a do-it-yourself assessment of your home’s heating and cooling systems. Pinpoint the vulnerable areas where excessive amounts of heat and cool air are lost, such as door and window openings. Determine the best solutions to seal openings and to conserve energy. Look for damaged and malfunctioning parts on your HVAC appliances that cause your heater or AC to work harder while producing little to no results. Make sure the temperatures are accurate and that your unit heats and cools effectively.

Review the Ratings

Look for energy-efficiency ratings on your HVAC appliances. The Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER) compares the amount of energy that is required to produce a cooling effect over a seasonal period. This rating determines the amount of energy that you’ll consume in watt-hours and the amount of cooling your home receives.

Check the Insulation

Check the levels of insulation in the attic, walls, floors, and ceilings. Your home needs a minimum level of insulation to reduce heat loss during the winter and conserve heat during the summer. A home builder installs a minimum amount of insulation, but the homeowner usually needs to install additional insulation.

Contact a Professional for Help

Do not assume that your newly built home has an optimal heating and cooling system that is in perfect condition. There are always ways to improve the energy efficiency of a heater and air conditioner, reduce energy waste, and save more money on your monthly bills.

Right before or right after moving in, we recommend that you evaluate the overall condition of your HVAC system. Gatewood Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. provides repairs, installations, and maintenance services for heating and air conditioning units in Sonora, CA. Contact us to schedule an evaluation of your home.

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